A moment in time

Cold wax, insects, Paintings


The dragonfly in many cultures in symbolic of change and transformation. It’s lightness and colours reminds us to be joyful and embrace the opportunity to take the time to reflect upon our actions and be more self aware.

oil and cold wax with silver pigment on paper


Latest Work

This series is influenced by the ancient landscape that surrounds us, the standing stones and the symbolism of the circle, with pearlescent pigments playing with light, another deity of our ancestors.
The insects and reptiles shown here endangered in the UK, the delicate nature of their habitats rapidly disappearing under our hands.
We should learn from our ancestors, and ensure a place remains for them, as many of the smallest creatures are crucial to the intricate balance of our own existence.

Latest Work



New series inspired by the mysterious white horse of Uffington in Oxfordshire; the textures and colours of local ancient stone circles, and celtic symbolism. The pearl pigments cause the horse to disappear and reappear as you move, much like the real chalk horse, which can never be seen whole from land, only fully visible from the sky.
Horse 01 – oil, cold wax, graphite and
pearl powders on paper, A3