Latest Work



New series inspired by the mysterious white horse of Uffington in Oxfordshire; the textures and colours of local ancient stone circles, and celtic symbolism. The pearl pigments cause the horse to disappear and reappear as you move, much like the real chalk horse, which can never be seen whole from land, only fully visible from the sky.
Horse 01 – oil, cold wax, graphite and
pearl powders on paper, A3


Longleat 01

Capability Brown, Landscape, Paintings

My Landscape series explores how we can learn from the past, and not be afraid to challenge accepted conventions. I’m interested in using the works of Capability Brown whose tre-centenary it is this year as the basis, as he redefined the way we view the English garden. He wasn’t without his critics at the time, but we now accept his designs as being part of the natural landscape. I’ve used silver leaf to represent the expensive geometric patterns of the past with Brown’s flowing naturalistic style.

Sold 61x61cm oil and silver leaf on canvas

Resurgence 01


Original oil painting on paper with gold leaf depicting the Kingfisher, part of my new in progress series of British birds that were once endangered but are now fighting back. Many of our birds and more exotic species were hunted to near extinction for their feathers to adorn Victorian hats, until a group of women realised the damage they were inflicting for their vanity, and started a society banning the wearing of feathers from birds not killed for food. Those women changed their world for the better and their club grew into the RSPB, the UK’s biggest conservation society. These little birds represent my hope that we learn from the past and realised it’s not too late to change behaviour for our own greed or vanities